It’s 3.7 billion years old… 

It’s the origin of ALL plant life on earth…

And it contains a shocking NEW anti-aging secret…

“Dawn of Time” Discovery 
Stuns Ivy League Researchers 
Trigger Your Biological Youth Switch to Give Yourself 25 More Years of Healthy, Energy-Filled Life
Placebo-controlled, double-blind study confirms this original plant-form can extend healthy life “by decades”…  
Imagine the original plant… 
The very first living organism… 
Back when Earth was a boiling, steaming mass of molten rock… 

Billions of years before humans… 

even before the first dinosaurs…

Now imagine this first plant thriving in the deadliest conditions the planet has ever seen…

The intense heat of volcanic lava… 

...the sub-zero temperatures of three ice-ages…

Not to mention mass extinction events… 

...where survival was 99.99% impossible…

Now imagine that...
The one thing that helped this original plant survive is also the ultimate anti-aging mechanism… 
…a biological trigger that can reverse aging so you can look, feel and be decades younger... 
This is exactly what shocked Ivy League researchers have just discovered…

I’m talking about an "essence of life" survival nutrient that can trigger a ‘youth switch’ inside every cell in your body…

…so you can live to your 90s and beyond… without suffering the most frightening ailments of old age… 

…and have the energy, agility, mental alertness and physical strength of someone 35 years younger…

“People are showing up at my clinic from all over the world… and experiencing life-changing results.”
  • 61-year-old Michael has the brain aptitude of a 29-year-old 
  • 85-year-old Helen just broke her age-group world record for running the marathon
  • 64-year-old Bill has the lung power of a 39-year-old 
  • And I’m 63, but the true ‘biological age’ of my heart is like a 21-1/2-year old.
Dear Reader,

When I read the first studies… from a top Ivy League Medical School and Johns Hopkins… I was stunned by how perfect this was…  

This discovery may be the purest, simplest and most natural anti-aging mechanism we’ve ever seen… 

…because it uses the potent life-essence inside Earth’s first, original plant… to "turn up" the ultimate biological youth-switch… in every cell in your body...  
Over the last three decades, I’ve uncovered some of the most powerful age-reversal compounds known to science — but this one is up to 6,000 TIMES more effective… [1]
In emerging studies, it increased life-span up to 30%[2]. This could mean up to 35 more years of healthy energetic life...

Make no mistake — this is no ordinary healing substance.

This is a 100% natural substance that evolved its strength, potency and healing power over billions of years…

It's a key survival nutrient that gave the very first plant the power to thrive on Earth since the dawn of time…

But even more shocking is where this ancient "first plant" originally came from…

Researchers have found traces of it buried deep in icebergs[3] floating in the Arctic Sea — frozen in time since the last ice age…

They’ve found it inside rock fossils on the coast of Greenland that is 3.7 billion years old[4]

But the most shocking find… far more stunning than fossilized rocks or drifting icebergs…[5]

…was inside a 3.7 billion-year-old meteorite that fell to earth from another planet…[6]
Scientists believe this plant is the origin of all life on Earth… 
...and studies prove it can unlock the most radical age-reversal process we’ve ever seen.
This original plant… contains a remarkable “Dawn of Time” compound… that triggers the most powerful age-reversal mechanism known to science…
It’s a completely natural, biological process that re-activates the "eternal youth" gene in every cell in your body...

Studies from Johns Hopkins and Yale prove it can dramatically lengthen your life, and protect you from some of the worst ailments of old age.

This stunning, 3.7 billion-year-old survival nutrient:
  • Restores power to worn-out, aging bodies… 
  • ​Rejuvenates strength to weak, failing muscles… 
  • ​Revitalizes lost memories and foggy brains… 
  • Renews an overwhelming sense of optimism
  • Rolls back years, even decades of old age… 
How is all this possible? It all starts with…
A Nobel Prize-winning discovery that makes your cells nearly “immortal”
A shocking breakthrough study shows that each one of us is pre-programmed to die, at a specific age, from the moment we’re born. 

This stunning discovery — which won UC San Francisco researcher Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn the Nobel Prize — found that the exact length of your life depends on one thing only:

A “longevity thread” that exists in each of your cells, called telomeres (pronounced TEE-LOH-MERES).

Telomeres are tiny bits of genetic material at the end of each strand of DNA in your cells.

Each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. As a result, your cells — in every organ, bone, muscle and artery in your body — get older, weaker and more decrepit.

Your telomeres are like the fuse of a massive “health bomb.” 
By the time you’re 60, this fuse shortens by 80% or more.

As a result, your body ages faster and faster until this “health bomb” finally explodes, triggering the most feared ailments of old age.

A frail heart. 

Memory problems. Sore joints. Weak bones. 

Aging skin. Poor vision. Breathing difficulties.

Every single one of these “ravages” of age is directly caused by shortening telomeres.
This discovery is truly groundbreaking.
Scientists used to believe that human cells have an in-built mortality. That there’s a limit to how long your cells can divide — like the sands of time finally running out.

But this breakthrough proves that there is no limit. That the sands of time do not have to run out.
And here’s the most shocking part: 
This remarkable “Dawn of Time” nutrient — which has evolved its age-reversal potency over 3.7 billion years — is the key to unlocking the telomere-effect… 
This potent “survival” nutrient supercharges your telomeres… so that your cells keep dividing indefinitely!
And this means you can stay youthful and free of the “ravages” of old age, for decades longer.
  • You can stay mentally alert, energetic and healthy well into your 80s, 90s and beyond… 
  • You can dodge even the most feared illnesses of old age…  
  • You can maintain normal blood pressure, clear mental focus, perfect blood sugar, and robust lung power… 
  • ​And you can dramatically lower your risk of age-related disease, dementia and premature death… 
Thousands of scientific studies prove that longer telomeres are the ultimate key to every single one of these health benefits — and that the “Dawn of Time” nutrient is the key to unlocking the “telomere-effect.
Now you can “flip the longevity switch” deep inside each of your cells…
The key to keeping your telomeres long is a substance called telomerase (TEE-LOM-ER-AZE)

Your body creates it naturally — but as you get older, you make less and less of it, leading to shorter and shorter telomeres.

A recent study in the journal Genes and Development calls telomerase an on-and-off switch that may hold the key to healthy aging.” 

In short, turning on this cellular switch protects, repairs and even boosts the length of your telomeres

Now scientific studies at Yale and USC prove that certain nutrients can turn on this age-reversal switch, turn up the flow of telomerase, and trigger a “snowballeffect of excellent health. 
Genes and Development calls
That’s why this “Dawn of Time” discovery is so groundbreaking.
This incredible nutrient, discovered in the planet’s original and oldest plant, is the ultimate telomere enhancer
…It’s the most powerful biological mechanism known to science…
…and it can “flip the longevity switch” deep inside each of your cells…
Clinical Proof
Longer Telomeres Give You Super Health and Independence. Shorter Ones Mean a Shorter Life With Potentially Life-Threatening Ailments...
In a shocking report by the Journals of Gerontology, the telomere length of centenarians in great health was compared to those in poor health.
What researchers discovered was astounding? 
Centenarians in great health — those with healthy hearts… clear mental focus… normal blood pressure… perfect blood sugar.

…and robust lung power — had significantly longer telomeres than their unhealthy counterparts. 

Longer telomeres gave these folks super health and independence even as they hit age 100 and beyond.

Those with shorter telomeres… suffered poor health and lack of independence.

Better blood pressure, blood sugar and brain power…
Centenarians with longer telomeres were also free of blood pressure, blood sugar or cognitive problems 
— while those suffering from these problems had shorter telomeres.

“People with short telomeres had accelerated aging in their blood vessels… like someone 8.6 years older.”
 — Lancet[7]

Shorter telomere length means a 12 TIMES greater risk of dementia…” — PLOS One[8]

…and less risk of age-related disease, dementia or premature death…
Hundreds of studies show that... 
Telomere length is one of the strongest markers of disease, life-span and quality of life.
Men and women over 60 with the shortest telomeres have 3 TIMES the risk of dying of heart disease[9]

 …and 8.5 TIMES the risk of dying from infectious diseases...[10]

 Shorter than average telomere length means 12 TIMES greater risk of Alzheimer’s in women[11]

 …and 9.6 TIMES greater risk of cognitive impairment[12]

Shorter telomeres mean accelerated aging of blood vessels and plaque build-up (The Lancet medical journal).

 And people suffering from heart failure had telomeres that were 40% shorter than normal (Journal of the American College of Cardiology).

That’s why it’s vital you make sure your telomeres grow longer, not shorter, as you get older…
By keeping your telomeres long and healthy, you can dramatically increase your chance of living to your 80s, 90s and beyond, without having to fear the worst ravages of old age.

All the scientific studies show that longer telomeres slam the brakes on aging and age-related decline — and we now have stunning evidence that…

Earth’s Original Nutrient is the Ultimate Telomere-Enhancer 
When I read about the “Dawn of Time” nutrient — and how it evolved its strength and potency over 3.7 billion years — I was absolutely stunned.

For nearly 30 years I’ve been searching for the perfect nutrient or compound that can trigger this age-reversal mechanism to work at the highest level.

I visited remote Amazonian communities in search of this compound.

I lived among the Ashaninka tribes in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, researching their ancient knowledge of healing herbs to use in my own nutritional supplement formulas.

I climbed in the Peruvian Andes, where I discovered a nutrient-dense oil from the Sacha Inchi nut… and turned it into a powerful heart and brain-boosting formula.

I've tested dozens of nutrients and compounds to discover which one has the biggest impact on your telomeres...

The “Dawn of Time” nutrient beats them all.
Why? Because it’s the perfect age-reversal compound...

It's the “Holy Grail” of anti-aging nutrients…

It’s the ultimate natural trigger that can protect and support the telomeres in every cell in your body.

It works faster, and brings greater health benefits, than any other compound…

…giving you decades of a healthier, energetic life…

Jackie is thrilled that her hair looks twice as thick as it was… and is as shiny as a teenager’s.
85-year-old Helen just broke her age-group world record for the marathon.
46-year-old Monica was overweight, swollen and racked with achy joints. Now, her aches have vanished, and she feels like she’s lost 50 lbs. 
Telomeres hold the key to “young again” living:
CELL: “Telomere loss causes aging… and telomerase can extend the lifespan of an organism.”

LANCET: “Short telomeres cause us to die of old age.”

EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH: “Telomerase can make old skin young again.”

NATURE: “Telomerase reverses the aging process.”

Ivy League doctors say that: “With telomerase activation, we saw a dramatic reversal of effects… a Ponce de Leon effect. It gives us a sense there is a Point of Return for age-associated disorders.”

And that : “Activating telomerase could lead to breakthroughs in restoring organ function in the elderly and treating a variety of (age-associated health concerns).”

NUTRITION REVIEW: “Development of an effective telomerase therapy could help extend human lifespan indefinitely by resetting the genetic clock in healthy cells to retain their telomeres.”

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS: “Telomere length can be used as a measure of aging… shortened telomeres area associated with age-related (conditions)… patients with longer telomeres live longer.”

THE FOUNDATION FOR ALTERNATIVE AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: Telomeres are “critical for healthy cell division and function and for healthy youthful living… and a special enzyme called telomerase can restore telomeres…"[13]

This special survival nutrient is found in deep-sea micro-algae — a plant which has survived on earth for 3.7 billion years.
Just as it protects and enhances deep-sea algae against sub-zero temperatures and volcanic lava…

...the “Dawn of Time” nutrient can also give ultimate protection and power to your telomeres, so that your body’s natural age-reversal mechanism can kick into the highest gear.

This astounding 6.7 billion year old nutrient… 
  • Dramatically enhances your physical strength and endurance. In one 6-month study, men taking 4 mg every day improved strength and endurance by a stunning 62%. [14]
  • ​Helps support healthy joints and mobility. In a study of 247 users, 80% of those with discomfort in their back area reported dramatic improvements when they took this remarkable nutrient. [15]
  • ​Promotes healthy immune system function. In one study, those who took the “Dawn of Time” nutrient every day saw a 20.7% reduction in C-reactive protein — a marker of inflammation — while the placebo group saw in increase in their levels. [16]
  • Makes your skin younger and more attractive. A 2006 study found that women who took it every day saw radical improvements in all areas of skin health, including fewer lines and wrinkles, less skin-sagging, and less dryness. In fact, this telomere-enhancer is the secret behind the perfect skin and toned bodies of supermodels and actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum.
  • ​Boosts male fertility. In one study, 5 out of 10 infertile men were able to make their wives pregnant after taking 16 mg a day of this nutrient for three months. [17]
  • ​Supports eye health, leading to clearer, sharper vision. A study in the journal Ophthalmology found it dramatically improved age-related vision loss. 
  • ​Works as an internal sunscreen, reducing damage from dangerous UV radiation. A study in the Journal of Dermatological Science found it dramatically reduces the impact of UVA radiation on human skin cells. [18]Researchers in this eye study concluded: “(The 'Dawn of Time' nutrient) would have a significant benefit on protecting against UVA-induced skin photo-aging such as sagging and wrinkles.”
Living Proof!
This Ancient Community Confirms the Remarkable Age-Reversal Powers of the “Dawn of Time” Nutrient...
One remote community of centenarians is living proof of the age-reversal powers of this remarkable nutrient.

They live on the distant Ryukyu Islands in the Sea of Japan — cut off from civilization for thousands of years.

The Ryukyu centenarians are the world’s longest lived community. For them, living to 100 is completely normal.

These islands have 5 TIMES as many centenarians and super-centenarians as the United States — but it’s not just about numbers.[19]

These elderly men and women also have the highest functional capacity in the world for their age-group.

That means they have better flexibility, strength and endurance than anyone in their age-group, anywhere in the world.

Even better, these youthful centenarians have probably the best health profiles in the world — with healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, healthier hearts, healthier lungs, stronger bones, sharper vision and clearer mental focus.

The secret to their incredible health and longevity?
It’s the “Dawn of Time” nutrient, which they get in abundance in their daily diet.
When scientists investigated the incredible health and longevity of the Ryukyuan islanders, it was the most extensive centenarian study ever.[20]  

The 10-year research included cognitive testing, blood tests, saliva tests, heart tests, examination of health habits and age validation… 
…and their findings were shocking: [21] 
  • Their average life expectancy after the age of 65 is the longest in the world — at 24.1 years for women and 18.5 years for men
  • ​Their bodies suffer much less free radical damage — because they have much lower blood levels of free radicals, compared to the average American.  
  • ​They have impressively young, clean arteries — along with much lower cholesterol than elderly people in the U.S. 
  • ​Their blood has super-low levels of homocysteine — which is one of the strongest risk factors for heart disease.
  • ​They have an 80% lower risk of coronary heart disease, compared to Americans.
  • ​They have an 80% lower risk of breast and prostate cancer compared to Americans. 
  • ​They suffer 40% fewer hip fractures compared to Americans.
  • ​They suffer much less age-related cognitive decline, even into their late 90s, compared to Americans
  • ​They preserve their bone density at healthy levels for much longer, compared to mainland Japanese.
The Ryukyu islanders stay healthy well into their 90s and 100s because their diet includes abundant amounts of the “Dawn of Time” nutrient — probably more than any other population in the world.

They get their high levels of this telomere enhancer by eating more than a dozen different types of deep-sea algae — which contains up to 40,000 ppm (parts per million) of this powerful age-reversal nutrient.

They eat it in soup broth, in noodle dishes, with rice, or as a jelly.

The secret to their incredible health and longevity?
This nutrient has so much healing power, and can trigger so many age-reversal effects, 

it’s the “source of life” — the ultimate “survival” nutrient for plants, animals and people…
Nature’s Original Age-Reversal Secret is the Ultimate Source of Life
The reason this incredible nutrient is so powerful is because it is the source of life, energy and excellent health in the animal kingdom.
Take salmon, for example.
This is the same nutrient that makes salmon red — and that gives them the power to leap up raging rivers for seven days straight.[23] It’s one of the most remarkable feats of nature.

In human terms, that's like a 6-foot man swimming against 30-foot waves for a week, non-stop, to reach a destination that’s 100 miles away.

This is the kind of endurance-enhancing power you can get from this remarkable compound. It’s so powerful, you could even call it superhuman.

And if you think salmon are a stunning example of this telomerase enhancer at work, then think about deep-sea algae, which has 8,000 TIMES higher concentrations compared to salmon.

Deep-sea algae survive and thrive in the most extreme conditions.

They can live miles under the ocean — in extremely cold temperatures, with almost no food sources, where the “Dawn of Time” nutrient protects them from lack of nutrition.

But they can also survive in intense sunlight, where the “Dawn of Time” nutrient acts like a force-field that protects them from Ultraviolet damage.[24]

In fact, because of the “Dawn of Time” nutrient, these incredibly powerful algae can stay dormant for 40 years without food or water.

It’s this ability to endure and survive that gives the “Dawn of Time” nutrient the ability to enhance strength and endurance in humans. 
Supercharge Your Energy, Endurance and Muscular Strength… and Say “Goodbye” to Old Age…
The “Dawn of Time” nutrient can give you physical “superpowers” — so you can say “goodbye” to old age.

It can dramatically increase your energy, endurance and muscular strength…

And it can dramatically reduce the fatigue associated with aging.

Olympic athletes are using it to win more gold medals. The “Dawn of Time” power-nutrient is one of their best-kept secrets.[25]

Elderly triathletes are using it to run further and faster. These over-60 triathletes are experiencing stronger and faster muscle recovery after intense competition.

Professional soccer players are using it to increase stamina and endurance. They’re running faster, and playing harder, after taking this nutrient.[26]

In one 6-month study, men taking 4 mg every day improved strength and endurance by a stunning 62%.[27]
Imagine a World Where You Can Be 30 Years Younger
Greater strength and endurance is just the beginning.

The “Dawn of Time” nutrient is such a powerhouse when it comes to enhancing the “telomere-effect,” it can trigger a cascade of excellent health, including better vision, smoother joints, a stronger heart and a sharper mind.

What if you could...
  • Turn your slow, fog-filled brain into a sharper, brighter, faster-thinking engine — so you can think on your feet, remember tiny details, and have sharper conversations. 
  • Turn your dead-in-the-water sex life into nightly, steamy passion — so you can rekindle youthful intimacy and sexual energy with your loved one.
  • Turn brittle, weak bones into bones of steel — so you can have the strength and physical endurance of people decades younger.
  • ​Turn deep wrinkles and sagging skin into a glowing attraction — so you can turn heads like you did all those years ago.
  • Always have healthy, normal blood pressure, and blood sugar levels in the normal range — because you always come out of a check-up with a clean bill of health…
  • Support the sharp, clear vision you had in your 20s and 30s — so you can read the small-print and see the distances, whether you’re reading, driving a car or playing golf…
3.7 billion years of evolution have turned this stunning “Dawn of Time” nutrient into a super-healer.
It’s giving thousands of my patients life-changing results, including stronger bones, sharper vision, and super-healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels…

…all because it unlocks the “telomere secret” that can make your cells immortal.
This remarkable “young-again” nutrient is called Astaxanthin, and it’s the most effective telomere-enhancer we’ve ever seen.

It’s the survival powerhouse that helped the world’s original plant thrive in hellish conditions for 3.7 billion years.

And it’s the secret to the incredible health and longevity of the Ryukyu centenarians, who eat massive amounts in their diet every day.

This 3.7 Billion-year-old Secret is the Key to “Eternal Life"
Planet earth was formed around 4.5 billion years ago.

Back then, earth was a swirling mass of molten lava.

It was almost impossible for any form of life to exist.

But then, against all odds, the first sign of primeval life appeared 3.7 billion years ago.

Blue-green algae — the original plant — not only survived but thrived in this hellish environment.

And the key to its survival is astaxanthin — the substance scientists say is the most potent age-reversal compound that exists.
Studies show remarkable health effects for this 3.7 billion-year-old nutrient...

...including a younger heart, bones and joints…

and athletic strength and endurance…
The Perfect Formula for Maintaining Optimum Health
For decades, I’ve been searching for the ultimate telomere super-activator... 

...the perfect nutrient that can support excellent health in every system in your body…

…and extend your life by 25 or 30 happy and energetic years...

When I read the groundbreaking studies on astaxanthin, I knew exactly what I had to do.

I decided to create the perfect formula for reversing the real cause of aging.
The ultimate supplement for triggering the telomere-effect.
In other words, the last supplement you’ll ever need.
I’ve made astaxanthin the key ingredient in a new proprietary formula that is the ultimate telomere super-activator.

You don’t have to eat micro-algae, or learn to cook seaweed noodles like the Ryukyu centenarians.

All you need to do is take one softgel, once a day, containing all the vital ingredients.

Omega Rejuvenol
The Only Supplement Proven to Reverse the REAL Cause of Aging
This formula is the NEW Omega Rejuvenol, and it’s the first and only supplement available today with unique ingredients proven to…
  • Reverse the REAL cause of aging (shortening of telomeres). 
  • Support your telomeres — and keep them longer as you age. 
  • ​Penetrate deeply into your cells — and deliver far more heart-saving, brain-boosting, health-supercharging benefits than typical anti-aging solutions. 
  • ​Re-activate your “eternal youth” gene and supercharge your heart, brain and whole body. 
But the incredible age-reversal power of astaxanthin is only the first of two remarkable health secrets I want to share with you today.
For Most of Us, That’s Just What We’re Looking For! 
Revealed in the Ryukyu centenarian studies — magnifies the health effects of astaxanthin, to create the biggest telomere-growth and enhancement we’ve ever seen… 
I’ve traveled the world — from Africa to the Amazon to the Caribbean — in search of treatments and cures that can end the ravages of age, and give you decades more healthy, energetic life.

But although I’ve uncovered some stunning cures and treatments, I’d never seen anything as powerful as this.

The “forever young” centenarians of the Ryukyu Islands are harnessing the natural synergy of a unique combination of super-nutrients in their diets.

Omega Rejuvenol recreates and improves this synergy. 

The unique combination of nutrients in Omega Rejuvenol triggers…

Their shocking secret? Earth’s original plant… 
The Longevity Village Where “Old Age” Doesn’t Exist
This remote village has the highest concentration of centenarians in the world…
One thousand miles from Japan, on the remote Ryukyu Islands, lies the village of Ogimi.[28]

This far-away village (population 3,024) is so cut off, they speak a language no other Ryukyu islanders understand.

The village of Ogimi is the “Holy Grail” for anti-aging scientists — because it has the highest percentage of centenarians, anywhere in the world.

Diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other diseases of old age are almost non-existent.

The elderly stay youthful, energetic and mentally alert well into their 80s, 90s and beyond.

They have healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol well into ‘old age’.

The secret to their longevity miracle?

The Ogimi diet is fueled by a form of marine microalgae which has the highest astaxanthin content of any plant, anywhere.

This potent algae — called hypnea charades — is the exact same original plant that grew on earth 3.7 billion years ago.

The Ogimi villagers cook it up as “Moi Tofu,” but they can also get it from trout, monster crab, shrimp and salmon — because these animals all feed on the original plant.

This original plant is the foundation of their entire food system — 
and the secret to their remarkable health.
Like 84-year-old Kakusei Yamashiro, an octopus fisherman, who spends nearly 8 hours a day free-diving with a spear gun.

And 97-year-old farmer, Shimpuku Tamaki, who tends four different fruit fields every day.[29]

And 103-year-old Hana Shinjo — an energetic, mentally alert great-great-grandmother 

who still lives by herself, without any need for medical care.[30]

A Remarkable ‘Snowball’ Effect of Excellent Health and Healthy Aging
When I examined the Ryukyu islanders — and their incredible health secrets — I realized there was a second longevity secret even bigger than the first

I realized these centenarians have access to a unique combination of super-nutrients that most modern Americans are starved of.

It was hidden deep inside the data — which is why it has taken scientists so long to discover it.

It’s an ancient telomere-enhancing combination that the Ryukyu islanders get in abundance — but that everyday Americans are completely lacking.

Taken alone, these four super-nutrients have almost no impact on your health.

But taken together, along with astaxanthin, they boost the telomere effect by dramatically increasing the levels of telomerase in your body.

This unique mechanism creates a powerful age-reversing synergy…  
...leading to a “snowball effect” of astoundingly good health…

...that supercharges your body's natural ability to fight disease… 

and have up to 35 more years of healthy, energetic life

Omega Rejuvenol can give you... 
Sharper Memory, Stronger Heart, Superior Artery Health and Bones of Steel
This unique combination of super-nutrients can make the difference between an old-age filled with disease, hospital visits, physical pain, low energy and dwindling sex drive…

…and an old age packed with youthful vigor and vitality — along with a sharper memory, stronger heart, healthier arteries and bones of steel.

Even better, one very special ingredient in Omega Rejuvenol dramatically increases the health benefits of each of these super-nutrients — making it a powerful nutrient “super-activator.” [31] 
These four nutrients, taken together in a special combination, can support brain health and healthy cholesterol levels, support healthy arteries and healthy blood pressure…

They can stop physical decline in its tracks, boost bone density, and support heart health, but only if they’re taken together.

Just like astaxanthin, these nutrients all evolved over billions of years. They’re the timeless building blocks of extreme good health.

But the incredible “young-again” potency of this stunning combination was all but forgotten until now…

3.7 billion years of evolution brings you…
Nature’s “Origin of Life” Secret to Supreme Health and Superior Aging
It’s the ultimate key to extreme good health — the synergizing power of astaxanthin plus four of nature’s most potent super-nutrients:
Synergizing Super-nutrient #1:
A little-known form of vitamin K called “Activator X.”
 It’s the missing link between diet and several killer diseases. 

Most Americans are starved of it — and this deficiency may be the most dangerous and least understood health crisis in America.

Synergizing Super-nutrient #2: 
A powerful but rare form of vitamin D.
It boosts telomerase and increases the vitamin D in your blood 190% better than any other kind of vitamin D.[32]

Synergizing Super-nutrient #3: 
A ‘military-grade’ form of vitamin E. 
It provides ultimate protection for your telomeres and is up to 100 TIMES more potent.  [33]

Synergizing Super-nutrient #4:  
The most potent and absorbable omega-3 combination ever found.
It combines with super-nutrient #1 to protect and lengthen your telomeres.

It’s 10 TIMES more powerful than any other omega-3.

My patients are getting phenomenal results for memory, triglycerides, joints, blood pressure and more…
I’ve treated thousands of patients — here are some of the stunning results:
Triglycerides terrific!
“My triglycerides have never been better. My cardiologist can hardly believe it.” 
— Paula Z.
No More Stiffness and Pain!
“Before I saw Dr. Sears, my old Achilles injury gave me a limp. Now, my early morning shuffle is GONE.”
— David S., West Palm Beach, FL
Blood pressure, balanced!
“I’m glad I trusted Dr. Sears, and I’m so relieved to see my blood pressure in the normal range.”
— Marc C.
More Memory and Focus!
“I was worried when I started blanking out on things that used to be routine. But they suddenly stopped when I started taking Omega Rejuvenol. My focus and memory are back at age 30 levels.”
— Mark K., from Jupiter, FL
Synergizing Super-nutrient #1
This little understood form of Vitamin K is...
Nature’s Most Powerful Telomere Super-Activator
Super-nutrient #1 is a very rare form of vitamin K2 known as “Activator X” — because it's a super-activator when it comes to boosting telomerase and growing your telomeres

But if you’re thinking, “Wait! I’m already taking vitamin K!” — this is nothing like the vitamin K you find in most health stores.

That kind is vitamin K1 — and these two forms of vitamin K are opposites when it comes to your health.

In fact, compared to K2, vitamin K1 does nothing for your brain… does nothing for your arteries… and it does nothing to strengthen your bones.

It has no impact on your telomeres, and does nothing to lengthen your life.

In fact, many researchers agree that K2 is so unlike K1, it shouldn’t even be called vitamin K.
That’s why we call this special form of K2 by a different name. We call it the “ultimate telomere super-activator.”

No More Clogged Arteries, Brittle Bones or Fuzzy Memory!
In a groundbreaking 2011 study, researchers made two stunning discoveries about vitamin K2:

First, most age-related health problems, like aching joints, sluggish circulation, brittle bones and fuzzy memory, are caused by a deficiency in the ultimate telomere super-activator, K2.

Second, their most shocking finding was that ALL “apparently healthy” Americans are completely deficient in this critical, life-enhancing molecule.
Not just some Americans, but all Americans.

Right now, your body is probably crying out for K2. 
And this is most likely the underlying cause of every health problem you face.
  • Make your heart 6 TIMES stronger. A seven-year study of more than 4,800 people found those with the highest levels of K2 experienced a 57% reduction of death from heart disease. [34]
  • Make your bones 8 TIMES stronger. A review of seven Japanese studies found high levels of K2 reduced hip fractures by 80%… and spinal fractures by 60%. [35]
  • Make your arteries 5 TIMES healthier. A study in the journal Blood found high levels of K2 can reverse the build-up of plaque by 50%. [36]
  • ​Make your brain’s natural memory-protector 9 TIMES stronger. A study in the journal Neurochemistry found people with Alzheimer’s had 93% less of a vital brain-protective fat with relies on K2 to survive. [37]
In combination with astaxanthin, vitamin K2 is the driving force behind every single one of these health benefits — because K2 is the “missing link” when it comes to longevity and robust health.
 People who took 45 mcg of K2 every day were found to live seven years longer than those who only took 12 mcg per day, according to The Rotterdam Study. [38]

And when I investigated the diet of the Ryukyu centenarians I discovered yet another astonishing connection.
These extremely healthy, long-lived people eat a diet that has 400 TIMES MORE vitamin K2 than any other diet, anywhere in the world.
K2 is found in organ meats, fermented cheese and unpasteurized butter — foods the healthiest centenarians, across the world, have eaten for more than 10,000 years.

A 40-year study[39] , of 900 of these men and women, found that these super-healthy "youthful old people" have:

  • Vastly superior artery health, compared to Americans
  • Much healthier cholesterol levels within the normal range, compared to Americans the same age
  • ​Hearts that are 80% stronger, compared to Americans
  • 40% stronger bones
  • ​And sharper, brighter, faster-thinking minds
Experience this 3.7 Billion-year-old Miracle Like My Patients
I’ve also successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from flagging energy… low libido… shortness of breath… muscle atrophy… sagging skin…
I’m talking about patients who are growing biologically younger and healthier with this new telomere breakthrough.

They’re using Omega Rejuvenol’s “Dawn of Time” secrets to reactivate the eternal youth gene in each of their cells

— and experience the stunning “snowball effect” of stronger hearts, brains, joints and bones, and healthier blood sugar, blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

They’re growing biologically younger.

They’re staying out of hospital. 

And they have the energy and endurance of 30-year-olds.

Here’s what some of my patients are saying…
Memory Restored!
Mike T. Was worried because his memory was failing. Now, he says, “It’s great to remember everyone who played in the ’75 World Series. My memory has never been sharper.”
Shoulder pain, gone!
Don L. Was frustrated with throbbing shoulder pain that hurt so bad, even lifting a grocery bag was torture. Now, he says, “Thanks Dr. Sears, my pain is gone!”
Cholesterol, controlled!
Roger C. was taking supplements for years trying to improve his HDL good cholesterol and his triglycerides. But his numbers were “stuck in a rut.” Now he reports his HDL, always in the high 40s and 50s, shot up to an amazing 75! And his triglycerides are keeping to a healthy, normal level. He says, “Dr. Sears, this has never happened. Thank you!”
“There is no one I trust more concerning my health and nutrition than Dr. Sears…”
Those are the exact words of one of my patients, after taking Omega Rejuvenol.

Peter, 41 years old, drives an 18-wheeler. 

He’s on the road for weeks at a time, and admits his diet was nowhere near as healthy as it should be. 

His triglycerides were dangerously high. 

But with my help, Peter brought his triglycerides and his LDL cholesterol back to normal.

He wrote: “Since I’ve been taking Omega Rejuvenol… my triglycerides are maintaining an incredible 135. 

And my LDL bad cholesterol is maintaining a normal 122. Thank you, Dr. Sears.”

Synergizing Super-nutrient #2:
This unique form of Vitamin D3 gives you…
Stronger Immune System, Sharper Memory, Lower Triglycerides
Super-nutrient #2 is another telomerase supercharger” called vitamin D3.

Unlike other forms of vitamin D, studies show vitamin D3 supports healthy levels of telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres to activate your eternal youth gene.

A recent study showed it supercharged telomerase activity by 19.2%.

But when combined with K2 — the key “super-activator” in Omega Rejuvenol — the power of D3 is immediately enhanced.

This is the remarkable synergy secret that makes Omega Rejuvenol so powerful.
You see, K2 isn’t just a telomere super-activator. It also super activates every other nutrient in Omega Rejuvenol, including vitamin D3

Studies show the unique combination of vitamin K2 plus vitamin D3 has an enhanced, age-reversing synergy effect that can:
Vitamin D3 gives you…
Stronger Immune System, Sharper Memory, Lower Triglycerides.
  • Help prevent fractures — by boosting bone calcium and sustaining bone mineral density.
  • Cut your risk of heart disease — by supporting triglycerides in the healthy range.
  • Support your heart, brain and blood vessels — by protecting your cells against oxidative stress.
  • Help keep you mobile, active and pain-free — by supporting healthy, mobile and comfortable joints.
  • Keep you healthy during winter — by supporting a strong immune system
  • Sharpen your memory — by supporting healthy brain aging
And nowhere is this synergy effect more powerful than when it comes to bone strength…
Warning: Vitamin D alone increases your risk of hip fractures!
But the Unique Synergy of K2 Plus D3 Gives You Bones of Steel...
You’ve heard it before: Weak bones can lead to hip fractures… and when you fracture a hip… it’s “downhill” from there...

But now — after almost a decade of research — this doesn’t have to happen to you...

A two-year study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research found vitamin K2 supports a strong, healthy spine.[40]

A review of evidence by University of Maastricht K2 experts found K2 can support healthy bones, even during the natural changes your bones go through as you get older.[41]

A 10-year-study — by an Ivy League Medical School — of more than 72,000 women found those with the highest intake of vitamin K2 had stronger and healthier hip bones compared to those with the lowest intake.[42]

And in a 7-year study of 888 elderly men and women, researchers found those with the highest intake of K2 had a 65% lower risk of hip fracture.[43]

Remember, none of these benefits are possible without the K2 plus D3 combination.

The reason K2 worked so well in these studies was because it enhances the power of D3 to create osteocalcin — the substance that repairs and strengthens your bones.

They’re the longest-lived people on earth. Using nature’s original and oldest health secret, they have…
Decades More Youthful Energy, Mental Clarity and All-Round Excellent Health
The Ryukyu islanders have been using this “synergizing secret” for hundreds of thousands of years.

It’s a natural part of their diet — and it’s nature’s ultimate combination for stimulating and enhancing the telomere-effect.

It’s what makes the Ryukyu islanders the longest-lived people on earth.

And the healthiest — with among the lowest rates of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia and memory loss on the planet.

They get their vitamin K2 from a very rare fermented soy dish called natto.

It contains 400 TIMES MORE vitamin K2 than any other source.

And these high levels of K2 super-activate the other age-reversal nutrients in their diet — including astaxanthin and vitamin D3 — to enhance the telomere-effect.

The end result — decades more youthful energy, mental clarity, and all-round excellent health!
“Dr. Sears, I just love your Omega Rejuvenol!!!”
One of my patients — Joy, from Atlanta, Georgia — was suffering memory loss.When she started taking Omega Rejuvenol, the change was almost immediate. 

She wrote to me: “Within one week I started feeling improvement in my memory, and it gave me a sense of calming.”

Synergizing Super-nutrient #3
This “military-grade” form of vitamin E gives you:
Ultimate Protection Against Age-Related Telomere Damage
With Omega Rejuvenol you not only enhance the telomere effect — you also get ultimate protection against external threats that can damage your telomeres every day.
3.7 billion years ago the world’s original plant was protected against extreme conditions like volcanic lava and lack of sunlight.

Today Omega Rejuvenol protects you against the most dangerous threats attacking your telomeres.

Omega Rejuvenol achieves this by including the ultimate telomere protector — the strongest antioxidant known to science.[44]
New research shows it is so potent, the U.S. military is using it to protect soldiers against nuclear radiation!
I hope you’ll never suffer a nuclear attack — but if you’re over 50, you’re facing a tidal wave of toxins. 

They’re attacking your telomeres, making you older and weaker, with a higher risk of chronic disease.

A Mount Sinai School of Medicine study found an average of 91 toxic chemicals in the blood of volunteers — and 76 of them cause cancer.[45]

If you’re over 50, you may have up to 107 toxic chemicals in your blood, bones and skin.[46]

This even includes toxins banned decades ago, like PCBs, PFCs and DDT.

Even if you were exposed in your 20s, these dangerous chemicals are still wreaking havoc on your DNA, turning healthy cells into deadly ones, and destroying your telomeres.

That’s why we’ve included the single most powerful antioxidant — and telomerase booster — known to science. 

It’s a little-known form of vitamin E called tocotrienols...

Your telomeres will get military-grade protection...

This newest and strongest antioxidant concentrates in your cells up to 100 TIMES more than any other vitamin E — giving your telomeres constant protection at the highest level.
And this high-grade telomere protection means you’re protected against every serious health issue we face as we grow older.
  • Supports healthy LDL cholesterol levels in the normal, healthy range — so you can worry less about your arteries and your heart. [47]
  • Supports superior artery health, and a healthy blood circulation — so you can have a healthier blood flow and not worry about your blood test results.[48]
  • Neutralizes free-radicals — so that every cell in your body can stay healthy… and stay strong enough to combat the worst age-related changes in your body. [49]
  • Accumulates in super-high concentrations in the skin — so you can look younger, and regain the confidence of youth.[50]
  • Supports bone health — so you can stay mobile, agile, and not worry about falls and fractures.[51]
  • Concentrates in your cells up to 100 TIMES more than any other vitamin E — giving your telomeres constant protection at the highest level.[52]
Military-grade Protection Against Brain Aging and Age-related Memory Decline…
Studies show tocotrienols also have a “remarkable” effect in slowing and even stopping the aging of your brain.

In the largest ever study on tocotrienols, published in the journal Stroke, this potent antioxidant supported cognitive health by helping maintain good circulation in the small blood vessels of the brain.

This incredible antioxidant is yet another reason for the super-health of the Ryukyu centenarians. 

Just like our healthy ancestors, 10,000 years ago, they get this nutrient in abundance every single day.

Omega Rejuvenol Gives Your Telomeres Total Protection Against THIS Deadly Threat... 
By aged 65, the average American loses more than 80% of telomere length — and the reason why is shocking.[54]

The No. 1 worst enemy of your telomeres is the daily attack of dangerous free radicals.

This deadly onslaught is caused by stress, unhealthy food, lack of exercise and air pollution.

And just as those billion-year-old nutrients protected earth’s original plant from the worst conditions, 
Omega Rejuvenol can protect you from the worst conditions of the 21st century…
The most deadly of all is probably air pollution — and these days it’s everywhere.

One shocking study compared the DNA of 77 traffic police officers and 57 office workers. They discovered the telomere length of the traffic officers was dramatically shorter, because of toxic emissions.[55]

Another major cause of free radical damage is stress.

A disturbing University of California study found women exposed to stress had dramatically shorter telomeres

It’s so bad, in fact, that the difference was equivalent to having 10 fewer years of life.

Omega Rejuvenol is your best protection — because of the "two-punch" combination of Tocotrienols and Astaxanthin, two of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.

Astaxanthin is 6,000X stronger than Vitamin C. 

800X stronger than COQ10. 

And 550X stronger than Vitamin E.

Together, these two antioxidants neutralize free radicals and stop telomere-damage in its tracks. 
Increases Energy, and Supports Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Tocotrienols are changing lives — like 52-year-old Jonathan (not his real name) from London, England.[57]

Jonathan was suffering from some serious health issues. He had high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, depression and fatigue.

But nothing his doctor gave him was making any difference.

Then as a last resort his doctor tried giving him tocotrienols

That was when everything changed.

For Jonathan, tocotrienols supported healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the normal range.

His energy steadily increased.

His skin became clear. 

His bowels became regular

His mood improved.

In plain English, the tocotrienols made all the difference to Jonathan’s life.
More mental clarity and focus immediately!
One of my patients, John F. from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, reported immediate improvement after taking Omega Rejuvenol. He went from brain fog to mental clarity within a single day.

John told me, “I took Omega Rejuvenol to increase the amount of omega-3s in my diet. After the first time I took it, I experienced mental clarity and focus. 

I noticed my mental function improved and I could concentrate better and be more productive throughout the day.”

Synergizing Super-nutrient #4:
It’s the most potent, absorbable omega-3 ever found, and it gives you:
Keen Eyesight, Stable Blood Sugar, Superior Brain Power
The third super-nutrient that explains the extreme good health of the Ryukyu centenarians… is a very special form of omega-3 fatty acids.

The Ryukyu islanders get their omega-3s from a potent seaweed that only grows in the sea of Japan.

These concentrated, highly-potent forms of omega-3 — combined with their high intake of K2, D3 and Tocotrienols — explains the almost perfect heart health and the absence of age-related cognitive decline in these healthy, long-lived people, compared to the West.

It also explains their keen eyesight, healthy blood sugar within the normal range, and superior brain power.

But with Omega Rejuvenol, we’ve taken this powerful anti-aging combination a big step further.
We use a highly concentrated form of the most potent kind of omega-3 on the planet — and it can only be found in one remote corner of the world.
This special kind of omega-3 not only enhances the telomere effect — it takes the age-reversal process to a whole new level.
For years we’ve known that omega-3s can supercharge your heart and brain.

 Studies prove it can even rebuild damaged hearts and brains, and restore normal function.

A recent study found omega-3s can even dramatically cut your risk of early death, from any cause, by as much as 85%.[58]

But here’s the problem. 

You’ll get none of these benefits if you don’t have the right kind of omega-3s, in the right concentrations.
Please be warned:
If you’re taking fish oil, or ordinary krill oil, then you’re not getting anywhere near the age-reversing benefits you need for optimum health.
There are two types of omega-3 fatty acids — DHA and EPA. 

It’s DHA that gives you the real health benefits — but most fish oils, and even krill oil, carries more EPA than DHA.

The perfect ratio of DHA to EPA is 4:1. 

This is the optimum ratio to fully support your heart, memory, eyesight and joints… and to support healthy, normal blood sugar and blood pressure within the normal range.

It’s the exact ratio found in a human mother's breast milk — the perfect result of millions of years of evolution.

Dozens of studies comparing DHA and EPA show that DHA, not EPA, can give you:
  • Safe Reliable Blood Pressure: In a peer-reviewed journal study, it was DHA and not EPA that supported healthy, normal blood pressure.[59]
  • Free-flowing Circulation: DHA, not EPA, is the Omega-3 that opens your tiny blood vessels, called capillaries, that carry oxygen deep into your heart, brain, and hard-to-reach areas. [60]
  • Restored Memory and Superior Brain Power: A Tufts University study found those with high levels of DHA have a 47% lower risk of age-related cognitive decline. [61]
  • Better Support for Healthy HDL and Triglycerides: In higher doses, it’s DHA that catapults your HDL to the super-protective level, while supporting healthy triglyceride levels within the normal range. [62]
  • Keen Eyesight and a Spotless Retina: Studies show DHA to be the real vision helper. Those with higher levels found it to be supportive for the health of the macula. [63]
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar and Insulin: Close to 70% of people found that taking DHA supported their bodies’ healthy response to insulin — and in a dramatic way.[64]
  • Smooth Joints with No Discomfort: Studies show people taking highly-absorbable DHA had more joint comfort, free-flowing mobility, and greater flexibility. [65]
“I feel the best I have in decades, thanks to Dr. Sears...!”
“My bone density is that of a 20-year-old… 

my lung capacity has improved significantly 

(I recently hiked 8 miles at 7,000 and 8,000 feet with no problems)

…my blood sugar is normal…

my good cholesterol is up by 60%

…and my body fat is 20% so I’m now wearing slim shirts and slim jeans.”

 — Milo H.
I traveled to the ends of the earth to find a unique omega-3 combination that’s... 
10X Better for Your Heart, Brain, Eyes and Joints 
I’ve spent three decades traveling to remote parts of the world, in search of "lost" cures for some of our worst ailments. 

I’ve traveled to deepest Africa. I’ve trekked through the Amazon rainforest.

I’ve brought back dozens of remarkable treatments that can heal some of the most stubborn health problems known to science.

But when it came to finding the perfect omega-3 combination, the answer far more remote than I expected.

I discovered the world’s No. 1, most potent source of DHA just an hour away from Antarctica

It’s the strongest and most absorbable form of omega-3's anywhere in the world.

It’s found in deep, pure ocean waters far from contamination.

This means the Omega-3 combination in Omega Rejuvenol is 10 TIMES more potent and pure than fish oil and even most sources of krill oil.

That’s where krill oil comes in.
When scientists tested krill oil for how deeply and quickly it penetrates into the body, the results were astounding.

A study in the journal Nutrition Research compared fish oil, krill oil and olive oil to see which omega-3s absorbed better into the body...

Those taking fish oil saw their omega-3s rise 131.8%.

But those taking krill oil saw their omega-3s skyrocket by an astounding 178%… making it 46.4% more powerful than ordinary fish oil.

Three more studies found that on average, krill oil boosts your Omega-3 levels up to 60% better than fish oil.

That’s why we’ve combined super-absorbable krill oil with the high-potency DHA of Argentinian squid, to give Omega Rejuvenol the purest, most concentrated and most potent form of DHA that exists.

Dozens of studies show the superior power of DHA when it comes to your brain, heart, joints, vision, blood sugar and blood pressure:
  • Healthier brain: your brain desperately needs DHA for clear, sharp thinking. Get 65% DHA, the highest level ever achieved, with squid oil. Tufts University researchers report those with high levels of DHA have a 47% lower risk of memory and associated age-related decline. [66]
  • Stronger heart: DHA opens up your tiny blood vessels, called capillaries, carrying oxygen deep into your heart and hard to reach areas.
  • Healthier cholesterol and triglycerides: Krill oil beat fish oil by as much as 55% for health blood lipid levels within the normal range.
  • Smoother joints: Highly absorbable DHA reduces pain and stiffness present in arthritis. [67]
  • ​Razor sharp vision: DHA has been found to be a real vision booster, supporting the health of your macular by as much as 50%. [68]
  • Better blood sugar: Nearly 70% of people that wanted to support their blood sugar in a different way found that taking DHA supported their body’s healthy response to insulin in a dramatic way. [69]
  • Healthier blood pressure: DHA, not EPA, supports healthy blood pressure.
 Faster Joint Comfort — in a Big Way!
Also, krill oil increases joint comfort and flexibility, fast!

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, 90 patients who desired more joint flexibility took 300 mg of krill oil or a placebo every day for 30 days.[70]

They had check-ups on day 7, 14 and 30.

The result? Stunning!

After just seven days, those taking krill oil felt more joint comfort and flexibility.

One Daily Dose of Omega Rejuvenol.
 3 Billion Years of Incredible Health Benefits.
What happens when you take Omega Rejuvenol every day, so that its 3-billion-year-old secrets can boost your telomerase and supercharge your telomeres?

What rejuvenation effects will you see when you put this remarkable combination of ‘origin of life’ nutrients to work?

With one daily dose of Omega Rejuvenol you can…
  • ​Switch on telomerase to keep your cells forever young
  • Reactivate your body’s eternal youth gene
  • Restore fading memory with a supercharged brain
  • ​Move easier with flexible, discomfort-free joints 
  • ​Keep LDL cholesterol at a healthy level
  • ​Boost levels of HDL (good) cholesterol
  • ​Maintain healthy triglyceride levels
  • ​Improve macula and corneal health so you can see better
  • ​Support healthy blood pressure
  • ​Soothe stiff, sore joints
  • ​Support healthy blood sugar
  • ​Look younger with healthier smoother skin
This Origin of Life Breakthrough Used to Be the Privilege of Rock Stars and Media Moguls.
Right now, nutrients and drugs designed to boost telomeres are some of the highest biotech stocks in the world. 

The rich 1% are trading these stocks like crazy because they know they’re about to go big.

Rock stars like Roger Daltrey, singer for The Who, are taking them. 

He’s the one who sings “I hope I die before I get old” — and because he’s taking care of his telomeres, he probably will stay young, right up until the end.

Now We’ve Made it Affordable to Everyone.
Then there are media moguls like Rick Rosner. 
He takes a nutrient to boost his telomeres, and he also has the highest IQ in America.
...But right now, these privileged few are paying more than $5,000 a year for these incredible health benefits. …
...But my No. 1 goal was to make Omega Rejuvenol affordable to everyone. We want everyday Americans to have access, and not just the privileged few. …
...Not only that — but I can guarantee that no other formula contains this exact combination of 3-billion-year-old health secrets… ...
That’s why you’ll pay a tiny fraction of that cost — for even better results.
Order Omega Rejuvenol and get FREE Gifts!
We’ve made the new Omega Rejuvenol more convenient, affordable and effective than ever.

For a limited time only, I’m offering special introductory offers on the new Omega Rejuvenol formula.

It’s a fraction of what Roger Daltrey is paying — and because of our unique combination of ingredients, I’m convinced you’ll get much better results.

Plus, you’ll receive…

4 FREE Special e-Reports, each valued at $19.95, including… 
FREE Special e-Report No.1
Dr. Sears’ Telomere Secrets - Upgrade to a Smarter, Faster Brain
In this exclusive, easy-to-download Special e-Report, you’ll discover how to easily regenerate your brain cells with the telomere effect.

This e-Report also reveals how to restore and revive your own brain, by combating the real culprit behind “senior moments” — your shortening telomeres.

You’ll also learn how shorter telomeres are connected to some of the scariest age-related brain concerns like stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Plus, you'll learn how to nourish your aging brain with a limitless number of new brain cells.

FREE Special e-Report No.2
Dr. Sears’ Telomere Secrets - Rejuvenate Your Aging Heart
You’ll discover the little-known cellular secret that energizes your heart muscle — and how to reignite your heart’s power using a completely natural treatment based on Nobel Prize-winning technology.

This e-Report reveals why shorter telomeres set you up for a heart attack, heart failure, clogged arteries and early death — and most important, how you can avoid all this very easily.

Plus, we reveal a powerful nutrient that can switch on your “anti-aging gene” and make your heart decades younger.

FREE Special e-Report No.3
6 Weeks to a Younger YOU — America’s Top Anti-Aging Physician Shows You How
You’ll discover the most scientifically validated solution to extending life. It takes just 6 weeks to get results.

This e-Report also reveals how you can burn energy like a 20-year-old — yet live to be 100.

Plus you’ll learn fast, easy ways to decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease — and how to improve your vision, boost your immune system, and lower your blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol.

FREE Special e-Report No.4:
The Natural Way to Supercharge Your Cancer Killing Immune Cells
You’ll discover the most powerful natural way to destroy cancer cells in your body. 

This is a safe, drug-free way to treat cancer, detoxify your body, activate self-healing genes, and cure pain.

This e-Report also reveals an ancient Chinese immune-boosting treatment that dramatically reduced the symptoms of breast cancer in a study of 385 women.

Plus you’ll find out why higher levels of immune cells can dramatically increase your chances of surviving many types of cancer — and help prevent cancer recurrence.

In all, your Best Deal Offer includes FREE Gifts and savings totaling over $100!
As you’ll see, you may also choose a Good Deal or Trial Offer when you order Omega Rejuvenol.

But, regardless, with any offer you choose…
You can try Omega Rejuvenol 100% risk-free, thanks to…
My personal “Dawn of Time” Guarantee
If these 3-billion-year-old health secrets don’t work for you,
I’ll repay you in full, any time, no questions asked.
When your shipment of Omega Rejuvenol arrives, open the bottle and start taking it everyday. Then keep taking it.
I’m confident that the “origin of life” health secrets will kick in almost immediately — and you’ll start to feel a very notable difference, very soon.
I’m certain that this special combination of super-nutrients… which have helped the world’s most ancient plant thrive and survive for 3.7 billion years… will help you grow stronger and healthier with age…
As you start to grow biologically younger and as the potent synergy of the 5 super-nutrients deeply penetrates your cells... 
  • As you start to grow biologically younger and as the potent synergy of the 5 super-nutrients deeply penetrates your cells... 
  • ​Your heart will work better and stronger
  • ​Your brain will get a boost, leading to sharper memory.
  • ​Your joints will move effortlessly.
  • ​Your vision will be sharper.
  • ​And you’ll feel years younger
But whatever the results, you are the final judge.

That’s why, if for any reason, or for no reason at all, if you are not 100% satisfied with Omega Rejuvenol, just return the bottle(s) within 90 days from purchase date and I will send you an immediate, complete and total refund with no questions asked, including shipping and handling.

This is the ONLY Guarantee I’ve seen with no time limits, no returns, no repacking and no waiting in line at the post office.

 It is my personal no-nonsense, no exceptions, no-risk guarantee that means you won’t risk one cent.

So now, it’s clear...
It’s time for you to flip the age-reversal switch in your cells and trigger decades of excellent health…
It’s time to try the one and only breakthrough natural formula with a combination of ingredients clinically proven to…
  • Re-activate your “eternal youth” gene… 
  • ​Re-program your body to make younger cells…
  • ​Harness the “universal healing nutrient” (DHA)…
  • ​And Unleash the most absorbable and powerful form of omega-3s (krill oil) deeply into your cells.
  • ​Your vision will be sharper.
  • ​And you’ll feel years younger. 
So what are you waiting for?
You have absolutely nothing to lose — and years, even decades, of growing biologically younger
 to gain. So why not order today?
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS 
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